Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton at the Democratic Convention

"I think he and Obama have talked more in the last week than they've probably talked all their lives. When you have things like this, it gets pretty wild, there's a healing process. My sense is the healing process is accelerating."
~ James Carville

Check out the Kennedyesque rockstarrish cred that Bill Clinton still has going on. The crowd went completely wild tonight when he took the stage at the NDC to voice his support for Obama. Charisma charisma charisma. Up in the balcony, Chelsea was beaming, but a flash of something, envy perhaps, appeared on Hillary's face. Then the Senator had put on her happy countenance by the second time the camera cut to her. Clinton gave a great speech. Too bad we have a two term limit. We could use this guy back in the White House (no offense, Obama). And kudos to Florida Representative Kendrick Meek for a fantastic introduction.

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