Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drunken sailors

What is it about boat people that makes us such renown boozebags? Everyone told me that yacht crews are notorious partiers, which I already surmised, but damn, can my co-workers throw them back.

After my first day of work as a stew, the boat's owner sprung for dinner for his crew to welcome me aboard, which was super nice. So the captain, the cook, the first mate and I went to bar number one where we had a round. They wouldn't let me pay.

Then we went to dinner at a really nice restaurant, where some of us had two rounds and some of us even finished with a Sambuca (not me). They pranked me good when the waitress came out with a cake blazing with candles singing "Happy Birthday" -- to me. I was dying laughing, as it wasn't even my birthday. These guys are hilarious. And, they wouldn't let me put a dollar toward the tab.

Then we went to the next bar, where after a pint of Bass, I was done drinking, or so I thought. On his way to order the next round, the first mate says:

FIRST MATE: What are you drinking?

ME: No more for me, thanks. I've had two beers and two glasses of wine, if I have any more I'll be hungover for work tomorrow.

FIRST MATE: So in other words, another Bass.

And yeah, I drank it. And they wouldn't let me pay.

Then I get dragged to the next bar. And more drinking ensues. And again, they wouldn't let me pay.

After staggering up the gangway at midnight, I was close to death this morning. Seriously, I am not going to party with my co-workers on work nights anymore. These sailors will drink me under the table and probably out of a job.

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