Friday, March 13, 2009

Jim Kramer on The Daily Show

Unless you're living in a pop-cultureless cave devoid of all media, you've probably heard of the battle going on between Jon Stewart and Jim Kramer of CNBC's "Mad Money." Jon threw a pie at the financial network, and although the pie was aimed more at Rick Santelli for calling foreclosed homeowners "losers," Jim Kramer responded. Back and forth, back and forth, and finally last night was the big showdown on The Daily Show. But it was not the circus I was expecting.

Wow. I was impressed by both Jon and Jim. Jon probed with hard-hitting, extremely relevant questions but did it in a way that was to the point, not over-the-top. Although he did lecture Jim, he could have made an ass out of his guest but he took the higher road, which was very gracious. Jim answered without bullshitting and was a lot classier than I was expecting. He didn't pull out any ridiculous business-major finance speak to make Jon look ignorant, nor did he try to back-pedal his way out of culpability. Kudos to both, and hopefully an (eleventh) Emmy for Jon.

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