Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MMA, Hawaiian style

Remember that superb line in Napoleon Dynamite when his cousin Kip says with a straight face, "Besides, we both know I'm training to be a cage fighter." Of course you do.

I got an email last week accompanied by the above picture. My friend Jeff on Oahu writes,
Hey Jenn, too bad you weren’t in Hawai'i with NOTHING to do on a Saturday nite. You could slum it at the Blaisdell (Exhibition Hall) and watch the fights. Should be fun!
"Should be fun" to me means should be fun to watch.

"Should be fun" to Jeff obviously meant something completely different, as I learned today when I received a followup email with more pics. I knew he was training in MMA, but this?
Hi Jenn,

First round was mostly striking with both of us trading. The first time down he caught me in a guillotine but I was safe by moving to side and we got stood up. At the end of the first round I mounted him in my corner and caught him in a deep kata g
atame. I heard the ten second clack and hopped to side and cranked but it wasn’t enough time, needed another five seconds and he might have tapped. Second round he was pissed and came out swinging, we traded and I took him down about half way through the round. I think he injured his shoulder on the take down and I was able to slip the rear naked choke in without hooks.. so much fun! CHEEHOO!
Say what?! Although written in a strange boy language in which I'm hardly fluent, I can translate enough to realize my man kicked some ass. Holy shit, my friend is a bona fide badass. Way to go, Jeff! Next stop, the pro tour!

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You still alive? It's been awhile since you posted anything.