Friday, June 26, 2009

Sri Lankan astrologer arrested for his prediction!

The dangerous subversive himself, Chandrasiri Bandara

Now this is a story you don't see very often, at least not outside of the Weekly World News. Last week, a popular Sri Lankan astrologer predicted that the current president of his country would be ousted on September 9th, and the opposition party would take over ruling the country. The astrologer writes a column for a lefty-leaning paper there, and the government didn't take kindly to it. So a couple of days ago, they arrested the poor guy! I wanted to read his article, but can't find an English version. So I ran the chart for that day and found some heavy aspects going on. If you're into astrology, click on the graphic to enlarge it.


Two major things stand out right away. Mars, which rules rebellion, opposes Pluto, a "dark lord" sort of planet that rules the underworld and illegal activities. An opposition is considered a difficult aspect and occurs when two planets are 180 degrees apart from each other across the sky. This is a destructive, dangerous placement. Moreover, with Mars in the 8th house of death, and Pluto occupying the first house of self, which happens to be ruled by a fire sign (Sagittarius), I wouldn't be surprised if someone dies during a potentially violent rebellion.

The second aspect that forebodes heavy shit going down September 9 are more oppositions, this time between Uranus opposing the Sun and Saturn. Uranus rules innovative change, Saturn rules the conservative "status quo." This aspect lasts two years, and occurs only once every forty or forty-five years. Saturn in Virgo is an unstable placement, but Uranus in water sign Pisces is a strong one. There has been a definite "washing away" of the stodgy status quo, from the U.S. electing Obama to Iran's activist protests, and probably Sri Lanka's future political overthrow as well.

The opposition comes from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who've been fighting with the government for twenty-six years over their lack of education, employment, and treatment as inferior citizens.

Uranus also opposes Sun, and this signifies a big rebellion (Uranus) against the established order (Sun). With Uranus in the fourth house of the home, I wonder if the rebellion doesn't have supporters from within the government (the president's "home") itself who will aid in the rebellion.


Mercury, the planet governing communication, is in the 10th house of career at a difficult 90-degree square to both Pluto and Mars on September 9th. I believe that political activists and the media will be heavily censorsed in attempts to quell the spread of the rebellion. But this isn't surprising given the fact that Sri Lanka ranks 165th among 173 countries in a worldwide press freedom index (Reporters Without Borders). Nice.

Is the President in Physical Danger?

Interestingly, the president's own chart is a little foreboding when it comes to the transiting planets over his natal planets this fall. Without an exact birth time, it's tough to predict, but according to one astrologer who ran his chart,

Mars and Saturn combination in the 4th house indicates the strong resolve to fight militancy. However, this conjunction also indicates that there can be safety concerns for him. Mars and Saturn combination in 4th house does give danger from conveyance.
So with Saturn opposing the president's natal Saturn's 4th house placement, while transiting Uranus joining his natal Mars and Saturn there, whatever happens is probably going to be far from pretty.

Watch your back, buddy.

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