Friday, September 12, 2008

Deserving Marines

Last month I blogged about the organization AnyMarine, and about how my sister Amy and I sent a care package to a platoon stationed in Afghanistan. Today I got the nicest thank-you email and the above pic from their point person who distributes the goodies. He writes,
Thanks to you and your family. It's people like you that help us remember why we are doing the things we do. We have had a tough week as we lost 2 Marines and 1 Sailor to a roadside IED.
We are a small team (stationed in Okinawa, Japan) of combat advisers to the Afghan Army. We train, mentor and advise so that means we do whatever they do and go wherever they go. Our deployment started in March and we hope to be home before X-mas.
These Marines make up an ETT, which stands for Embedded Training Team. Check out this article I found about the hellish, high-elevation, freezing, snowy-blowy search-and-rescue training these guys had to do in order to prepare for their deployment in the Afghanistan mountains. If anyone deserves a big fat care package, they do!

Thank you to all service men and women who are living in uncomfortable and dangerous conditions while we sleep safely in our warm, fluffy beds here in the U.S. Thank you thank you thank you. You guys rock.

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