Monday, September 15, 2008

Hoots from Hooterville

Last night we got back from being out at anchor, and lo and behold this was the new boat in the slip next to ours. There goes the neighborhood. You can charter this thing complete with full crew for a mere $42,000+ a week, as I found on its website.

The guys on the boat were not disappointed, especially when Hooters-type chicks emerged this morning on the top deck to pose for each other's snaphots.

The plethora of perky silicone and blonde hair extensions blowing in the breeze was enough to send Cheffie into smiley happyland as he gazed longingly out the galley window. I hope he doesn't jump ship and apply for a job on Hooter Patrol IV. I doubt he will, though, because he'd surely miss my very own impersonation of a Hooter Girl . . .

. . . behold the all-natural mushroom Hooters!


JP said...

are those hen of the woods hooters?

Memetician said...

I don't know what kind of hooters I was holding, but they were picked fresh that morning and sold at the farmer's market in the marina parking lot, and we ate them that night. Damn they were some fine-ass shrooms! How are you, nature girl? Miss you!