Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Exuma Cays, in the Bahamas

Yes, this really is the color of the water in the Bahamas. This, where we anchored, was at a depth of five meters.

How gorgeous is this? This is where we anchored for two nights off Allen Cay, a small island in the chain of the Exuma Cays, a national marine preserve, which are part of the Bahamas. And no, I was not allowed off the boat to swim nor explore. Which was like torture for me, a SCUBA diver, because the coral reefs were amazing. I could see them beckoning from 15 feet below the hull. Waaaaaah. Someday, however, I hope to return and that time I will be swimming with the fishies.


Anonymous said...

Why were you not allowed off the boat?

Memetician said...

Because as a crew member, on our boat anyway, we're not allowed to have a day off. We have off 2 hours a day, and we're not allowed to hang out on deck or go for a swim, even if the owners have taken the tender and are ashore. Some yachts are more laid-back, the American flagged ones usually. I'm on a Cayman Islands flagged ship with a non-American captain.