Saturday, January 10, 2009

There's no place like home. But in the meantime, pass the SPF 30.

This is my current view. Gorgeous, isn't it? I'm hanging out at my friends' place on one of Lauderdale's many isles, sipping coffee and blogging from their balcony in a sarong (yeah, it's nice and warm), kept company by these guys, who I'm taking care of for the weekend.

As nice as living in the tropics is, truth is I am homesick and want to go home to New England and visit my family and rip it up on my snowboard with my nephews. I have been trying to do this for days, but every time I'm about to reserve a flight from Lauderdale to up north, there is some weather system that prevents me from going. AccuWeather's website today reads:

  • Six to ten inches of snow for parts of the Northeast.
  • predicts around 3 inches of snow for New York City.
  • Widespread snow-related watches and warnings are in effect.
  • Major Arctic blast destined for East.
  • Growing concern for East snowstorms next week.

  • Coldest air of the winter? Yeesh. I don't even own socks anymore. But I still can't wait to get back. So for now, I remain in limbo in the tropics. Guess I'll kill time today at the beach.

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