Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Send Dick Cheney fan mail at his real home address!

(AP Photo/The Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Michael Smith)

Cheney in Wyoming last week, sitting in the wheelchair he stole from a pediatric terminal cancer patient, after throwing the child out of the chair and into a cold ditch.

Wonkette reports that the Vice Presidential residence is no longer shrouded in pixelly secrecy when viewed on Google Maps. In fact, the image miraculously turned lucid the day Rollerdevil Cheney moved out and the Bidens moved in. Behold the before and afters:

I was curious where the Evildoer doth dwell now. I know he's got digs in Jackson Hole, a place to which I almost moved eight years ago due to its amazing dumps of fresh powder (I even had been offered a job at the National Museum of Wildlife Art which included an all-mountain ski pass). Anyhow, I did a little digging down the Google Rabbit Hole, and voila. Click on the image to enlarge.

Granted this PDF document is circa 2000, but unless they've sold their place at the Teton Pines Resort and Country Club, then this is where to find him should you want to send a fan letter or a phone call of congratulatory kudos for such a Vice Presidential job well done. Or should you want to bring a pan of brownies by, my guess is it's the one surrounded by the moat, which is probably filled with hungry alligators.

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