Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best moments of the Inauguration

In addition to the speech, the millions of people, the tears, the bizarre mix of politicians and rock stars, and the more obvious amazing Inaugural festivities, I've also been relishing in . . .

#1. Rollerdevil!

HAHA. What a fitting end to this diabolical douchebag. Thank God we are finally rid of Cheney once and for all. He reminds me of a cross between


#2. Bedazzlers Unite!

Aretha's headgear was so kickassly fitting for the woman whose rock-star peers recently voted her the Greatest Singer Of All Time. What an awesome crazy hat. This is the guy who designed it, for $179 in the Motor City itself.

I wonder if he used this:

#3: Teddy Kennedy channeling Prohibition-era gangsters.

Perhaps not as bedazzling as Aretha's hat, but damn, doesn't he look dapper in his fedora? Maybe it was a tip of the hat (literally) to the old style of his father, Joe Kennedy Senior, who really was a Prohibition-era bootlegging Irish gangster.

#5. Old Bush's dead bunny hat.

Yet one more excellent hat moment. Between the fashion cacophony of the hat, the yellow turtleneck and the purple scarf, he looks like he lives in the West Village. I'm digging the look. And I have this same crazy Russian-y fur hat. It is the warmest thing that has ever and will ever sit on my head.

#6: The Oath Thing. More to this flub than meets the eye. Did Chief Justice John Roberts do this accidentally on purpose? President Obama was one of 22 senators who voted against putting Roberts on the Supreme Court in 2005. Makes you wonder if he was trying to prevent our man from becoming The Man in the House.

#7. The unbelievable adorableness of these two munchkins.

#8. The first official Presidential shaka in U.S. history!

This was when the Punaho School marching band passed by. Punaho's his alma mater.

#9. Presidential Daughter Shaka-ing the Punaho kids.

#10: Relief. See ya!

#11. Awe. Nobody was immune to the awesomeness, even these serious-type Marine guys at the Commander-in-Chief's Ball.

#12. Romance and sexiness return to the White House!

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