Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad highs and cold feet

These are the Reef Fanning (complete with beer bottle opener embedded in the sole). Having shunned shoes, I cruise through my tropical existence in these exact slippers, day in and day out. Flying home up north tomorrow, I figured I could concoct some sort of makeshift shoe substitute by adding wool socks with these until I schlep to my storage bin in a week or two to rummage for some proper footwear. Not an attractive look perhaps, but a cheap alternative to unnecessary shoe shopping.

Wrong! I discovered that this week, the New England tundra I call home is going to be a high of seven. That is not a good high.

Partly Cloudy
7° F | 0° F

Rubber slippers? Over wool socks? At seven degrees? Screw that! I just ordered up some nice warm fluffy classic tall Uggs, to be FedExed from Zappos. Immediately.

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