Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cheesiest interview question. Ever.

The yacht I was working on, well I quit because my supervisor made Cruella De Vil seem warm and fuzzy. Shortly thereafter, as luck would have it, she was fired along with the whole crew. The chef, however, is a freelancer, and the owners loved her cooking and gave her explicit foodie requests for their next trip in February. She figured her job was secure, no problem. But the new captain told her that it was "undecided" whether or not he was going to hire her back on board -- the same bullshit he told me -- and made her come in for an interview this morning.

For some reason Captain New insisted on having his newly hired chief stew sit in, which is totally unprofessional and unnecessary. Stew New, who sports a panicky demeanor, an anorexic bony ass and more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers, pumped my friend for information about the owners, which she refused to divulge. By the end of her meeting when I met her for breakfast across the marina, she was extremely agitated.

This Culinary-Institute-of-America trained professional with years and years of experience cooking for people like Prince Charles, Paul McCartney, NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Robert DeNiro was given a questionnaire with twenty-odd questions. One of the questions was,

"How do you make a grilled cheese?"

Her answer? "This is asinine."

Even better? The captain didn't know what "asinine" meant.

She gives him a month before he's fired too.

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