Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pitted, so pitted = High, so high

First, we had the original Jeff Spicoli. Now, we've got his totally righteous reincarnation.

No matter how many times I watch this news clip below, I laugh and laugh and laugh. Check out the sound effects at the 18-second mark. So awesome. How can you not love his zeal, his fervor, his passion, his mad eloquence? Next thing you know, he'll be the mayor of Huntington Beach.


Anonymous said...

Cowabunga Dude that sounds totoally awesome! I want to hang ten and shoot the curl with him sista!

Right on Bra.

Memetician said...

I love this guy. For real. Even though he may be as dumb as a box of hair, maybe he's not and he just loves being pitted, so pitted. He reminds me of my friend George, who once said at a party while extremely wasted, "Surfing is the meaning of life." I was like, Right on, George. At least he's got it figured out, which is more than I can say.