Thursday, June 26, 2008

I want to live in a doorman building

I quit my job and am no longer living in the West Village. Temporarily, I'm staying with a friend of mine who lives on Park Avenue in the 70s. It's so posh up here I'm experiencing culture shock. The penthouse suite of my friend's building was once occupied by Elizabeth Taylor and later Robin "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" Leech. It's pretty swanky, and I have to admit I'm getting spoiled by the doormen.

Every time you come in or leave, they smile as their white-gloved hands open the door. I went out the other night with some bags and he hailed a cab for me and put my bags in the trunk. They deliver the mail and newspaper to your front door. There's an elevator guy who pushes the button for you because God forbid your finger might be too tired to do it on its own! They pick up your dry-cleaning and deliver it right back into your apartment. They carry packages and grocery bags up (at this I draw the line, though).

I could get used to this doorman building living. Real easily.

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Anonymous said...

The reason somebody pushes the elevator button is because it's difficult to do so if you have long nails.