Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weird NYC sightings

I live on the border of Chelsea. I thought I'd seen it all in the windows of the gay-oriented sex shops, but this one stopped me in my tracks. Oh. Wow. Does it get any better than this on the bizarre scale?

Actually, yes it does. The same day, I am chowing down a felafel pita outside my favorite new middle-eastern restaurant in the West Village when these women sit down. One was cooing and doing that baby talk thing to what I assumed was human offspring in the pink baby carriage.

Wrong! I almost died when a dog poked its head out. Then as I surreptitiously dug for my camera, it shot me a look that I swear seemed to plead, "HELP ME!" I hate witnessing people turning their dogs into babies. Depriving a dog from its natural instincts to walk, sniff, and socialize with other dogs is cruel. And, you look like a jackass to boot. Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, puts it this way in his article "The Dangers of Humanizing Your Dog:"

Our humanization often leads to what I call "issues." Issues can range from dominance and fear aggression to phobias, anxiety, obsessions, or hyperactive energy. The mixed signals that result from treating your dog the way you would a human child may cause the dog to question his own role in your pack. This confusion can lead him to adapt erratically to ensure the pack's survival, and erratic behavior in any dog is a recipe for an unhealthy relationship.

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