Wednesday, June 4, 2008


From the land of the Aryans come these two practically lifesize, ultra-realistically dressed culinary ambassadors of exported Alpine food products to my local Food Emporium on 6th Avenue. I walked by the window and did a double take. And every time I've walked by since then, I still laugh. If this is how the guys ripping it up on the peaks of Innsbruck are dressed apres-ski time, I will be severely bumming.

Nice lederhosen, Franz.


Tiger said...

Lol. You'll be happy to know they are not Leiderhosen. They are Cullotte and French in origin.

I'm such an evil know-it-all aren't I.

Memetician said...

Good Christ. How would anyone know that?

Tiger said...

I know, I'm too overeducated for my own good. But there really is a good reason for me to know this bit of trivia. Cullotte were worn by the French Aristocracy before the revolution. To be a revolutionary was to be called a sans cullotte (without short pants).