Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Re-born" dolls: creepfest extraordinaire

Fairy "Re-born" about to be devoured by famished furry woodland creature.

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about freakishly realistic baby dolls and how utterly creeped out they make me. I also pondered what purpose, exactly, they are supposed to serve.

Well, the BBC answered that question last night in a documentary called My Fake Baby, and Matt Lauer interviewed women who propagate this disturbing trend. See the excerpts from the Today Show here and below.

And I laughed about lonely girlfriendless men spending $6,000 on Real Dolls? Pfffft! Hell, lonely childless women spend $4,000 on these "Re-Borns," as they're called. Here's the official website in case you're morbidly curious, and here are two of the weirdest offerings from their online orphanage.

My mommy just injected me with heroin, which explains why my pupils are as big as basketballs! And my sister below? Mommy experimented a bit too liberally with the Rogaine. Oopsie!

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Tiger said...

Okay, I've been willing to forgive the awkward guys for their Betsy dolls, but this is really too much.

Golly gee ladies, please find something useful to do with your lives. This isn't a guilty pleasure, but a neurosis. Instead of spending your time fretting over the comfort of a doll, you could do something beneficial. For instance learn how to knit and make some preemie caps. Learn how to quilt and make lap covers for wounded soldiers in wheel chairs. This is truly a case of you having to much time on your hands and not keeping them busy.