Thursday, April 16, 2009

No, Cougar, that wasn't Shakespeare

"A pool boy! A pool boy! Haha, watching it online . . . I love how they call her the cougar. And one of the guys is unemployed!"
~ Text message received just now from a girlfriend after discussing with her last night how stupid this show would probably be. And we were right!

I saw this poster a couple of weeks ago in the Times Square subway station. It was so bad it was good, both the poster and the show's debut last night. My brother-in-law came back from the gym halfway through the episode and as he walked past the TV, he thought the 40 year-old cougar was hot. After watching the show for a few minutes, brother-in-law decided that Coogs, although hot, was "dumb." Uh-yuh.

And I felt the same about the 20 year-old cubs, and as much as I like the youngins . . . meh. Most were dorky, prepubescent, and sort of dull. Not what I'd call any great cougar hunters. There are a couple that don't seem bad, but out of twenty potential mates, that's not saying much. One was drunkenly belligerent and almost started a fight with another guy. And yeah, there's the obligatory pool boy, snowboard instructor, personal trainer, martial arts instructor, and a slew of bartenders. The usual reality show XY chromosome fare.

The best moment of the evening, as hard as it is to narrow them all down, was when a guy named Colt (for real, Colt) whips out his acoustic guitar at the very first introduction to Coogs. Accompanying his strumming, he sings some atrociously bad albeit rhyming poetry he's written just for her. The Cougar's response:

"Was that Shakespeare?"

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