Friday, April 24, 2009

I just met Woody Allen

I was walking my friend's dog Whiskey on 70th between Park and Lex just now, and he was sniffing and sniffing so as I was standing there waiting for him to finish sniffing, I noticed Woody Allen and Soon-Yi also standing around. They were checking out a townhouse across the street that is under construction and noticed me noticing them. As we passed each other I couldn't resist. I said, "I thought I recognized you guys, looking at both of them, and then I told him, "I love your work, it's so great, thank you," and he was so gracious and he smiled and said, "Thanks!" with what sounded like genuine appreciation, not with a God-I-hear-this-all-the-time-and-it's-so-tiring-to-say-thanks tone. Which made me feel good, little film-appreciating plebian that I am.

They are super teeny-tiny and he was dressed in one of his fishing hats and a khaki jacket. They looked like a happy couple.

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