Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Pies and Sunshiney Days

The "Check Engine" light came on while I was borrowing my sister's car last week. Although she believes I was four-wheel driving through giant potholes while doing 70 miles an hour, I assured her I did nothing wrong. AutoZone provides free diagnostic to find out what the supposed "Check Engine" problem is, instead of spending thirty bucks at a mechanic who will then tell you, "Thank God you brought it in immediately, this is serious!" and then charges you thousands of dollars to change a light bulb or a fuse.

So she drives in the pouring rain to AutoZone today, and at this part of the story is where she takes over. Guest Blogger Amy writes:

I called first to make sure they really did the code check for free, and the guy who answered said Sure, yes, it is free, and we're open til 11pm. Now, it has been thundering and raining on and off in NYC all day, and when I walked in and inquired, the 2 workers at the counter asked whether I had been the one who called earlier. I agreed that indeed it had been me. The first worker inhaled like a comedian about to deliver a deadpan punchline and said with all seriousness,

"Well, we do do it for free, but not when it's raining," and I laughed at his jocularity. The second worker chimed in on the joke, "And we don't diagnose the codes when it's nighttime, either."

I chuckled again. And paused, waiting for the the expressions on their faces to change and one of them to retrieve the handheld, plug-in scanner machine hanging behind them on the wall. I realized in that split second that they weren't kidding. After questioning them, I got a bit peeved and I asked why they had not cautioned me over the phone earlier to wait for a clear day. When the first clerk replied that it wasn't raining when I called, all three of us looked toward the plate glass windows and looked at the rain pouring down. I said, "It's been raining off and on all day." His response was priceless.

"Listen, just go home, cuddle up, and make yourself a little pie. Come back tomorrow when it's sunshiney."

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