Friday, May 29, 2009

"I do not like the cone of shame" says Dug

Today was my day off, so I went to the movie theater to see what was playing. I had already seen everything except for two, and I wasn't about to plunk down money for Drag Me to Hell, although it sounds like fairly good camp according to Kurt Loder's hilarious review. So Disney-Pixar's Up in 3D was about the best choice, and I started to walk away, poo-pooing it as a kid's movie. Then I turned around and thought, oh what the hell, how bad can it be.

The theater manager assured me it was good, and that I would cry. I paid the extra four bucks for my nerdy little 3D glasses and although I didn't believe him, he was right on both counts. This movie is absolutely great. I was shocked how much I loved it. I even felt guilty for being such a grump and almost not having given it a chance. I deserved the Cone of Shame.

Here are some excerpts from reviews of Up.

Up is a breathtaking ride into the realm of pure imagination. Up shames the pap that now passes for family entertainment (yes, Night at the Museum 2, I'm talking to you). ~Rolling Stone

How much do I love this movie? If it were mathematically possible, I'd give it five stars out of four. ~Philadelphia Inquirer

Rarely has any film, let alone an animated one powered by the logic of dream and fantasy, been able to move so successfully -- and so effortlessly -- through so many different kinds of cinematic territory. ~L.A. Times

To watch Up with any attention is to be moved and astonished by the economy with which specific visuals are invested with emotion throughout. ~San Francisco Chronicle

An exquisite work of cinematic art that also happens to be the funniest, most touching, most exciting and most entertaining movie released so far this year. ~New York Post

As in their finest work, the Pixar filmmakers have created thrilling cinema simply by rifling through its history. ~New York Times

It feels nervy and adventurous and a little messy, the result of formidable creators and genuine wits working on an enormous budget, enormously well-spent. ~Chicago Tribune

Everything about Up is an up, in the most visceral and poetic ways. ~Baltimore Sun

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