Friday, May 15, 2009

Star Trek: a gathering of actors from great TV and films

Mitch Yost has gotten back in the game.

The new Star Trek is so good! I love the fact that they cast Bruce Greenwood as Captain Christopher Pike. If you were a fan of HBO's short-lived "John From Cincinnati," you'd remember him as the cool, not-yet-over-the-hill surfer Mitch Yost.

Then there's White Castle Harold as Sulu, played by John Cho. He put on a pretty impressive, very un-Haroldish sword-wielding fight scene.

And of course Sylar, I mean Zachary Quinto, who is perfect as a young Spock. I still was half-expecting him to finger-saw Romulan skull, though.

I had a frustrating "who-IS-that-I-know-I've-seen-him-before" moment when trying to figure out the actor playing Kirk. I racked my brain before remembering him as . . .

. . . wild-child oenophile Bo Barrett in the wonderful film Bottle Shock that came out last fall. Chris Pine is more smoking in Star Trek without that heinous wig, channeling a young Brad Pitt on the Enterprise.

The sexiest character (and my sister who saw the movie with me concurs) was Romulan villain Nero, played by Eric Bana. Remember him starring in Troy and Munich years ago?

Not me. I didn't recognize him at all, and had to cheat by visiting IMDB for that "aha" moment.

Besides the great talent, the film as a whole is fantastic, especially the editing and special effects. It not surprising that it's full of time travel and discussion of quantum mechanics, as it's directed by J.J. Abrams, who produced "Lost." Definitely one of the best Star Trek films, and worth seeing on the big screen. And supposedly the actors have signed on for two sequels, the first of which is planned for a 2011 release, which will probably bring back William Shatner.

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