Thursday, May 7, 2009

The wingnuts' Poupongate: new lows of desperation

The hilarity of the hoopla that ensued after this burger video came out earlier in the week is mindboggling. All I see is a cool guy buying a round of burgers and leaving a nice tip in the jar.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this clip of Fox News' Sean Hannity dredging up old Grey Poupon commercials. How dare the President order an elitist European condiment? The nerve. You know when all you've got on the President is spicy mustard versus yellow mustard, you may want to rethink your job as a political critic.

How do people this asinine get news shows? Can you imagine the graphic artist who came up with the President Poupon graphic? Did he think it was cool? Did he want to kill himself from the shame? Does everyone have their head up their ass at Fox? It's all too pathetic. No wonder the Republicans are wandering out in the wilderness.

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