Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terminator Salvation's nude Arnold body double scene

Good lord, what a letdown. If you are looking for a way to kill some time and need an excuse to go out for movie popcorn, then fine. It's not painful to watch, but it would better suffice as a Netflix rental.


There is one scene that is totally worth seeing for it's comic value. A door blows open with spectacular force. You see someone's feet and big muscular calves and then the camera pans up to show big muscular quads and suddenly there's this mist, or fog, or the smoke machine on the set has gone off by accident because why is there smoke who knows, and so the boy parts are enshrouded with opacity, and then the camera pans up to a major six pack and huge pecs and biceps and upwards we go and it's . . .


But is it? This body belongs to someone who is in Mr. Universe shape, and let's face it. Arnold is more like in Mr. Middle-Aged Average Joe shape these days. Obviously it can't be his body.

And as it turns out, it's not. It's this body double guy - Austrian bodybuilder Roland Kickinger.

Mr. Triceps himself even played Arnold in the 2005 A&E biopic "See Arnold Run."

Back to the point, which is what is this naked Arnold Terminator doing in the scene? Who knows. It's never explained. He simply goes after Christian Bale and slams him around a bit. Bale escapes. We see Arnold's shadow coming around the corner and . . .

POOF. That's the end of Arnold for the rest of the film. Where did he go? To find some clothes? To find the men's room? To find a good Cuban cigar? We never know. What was he doing there? Don't know that either. He simply appears out of the mist/fog/smoke, and then disappears -- much like the plot and continuity.


Anonymous said...

you really should pay closer attention, as Arnold shows up again, gets his skin blown off by a gun and finishes the movies as purely the t-800 terminator without skin, the terminator John Connor battles for the next 10 minutes on screen..

Memetician said...

I suppose I really could, but why bother? I think I was too busy laughing. The movie was such nonsense that it was beyond taking seriously at this point. Now the first two Terminator movies, that's a different story.

Anonymous said...

Why bother paying attention when you can just pick and choose what to watch whilst gripping so desperately onto nostalgia!?

Memetician said...