Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A badass bear-hugger

On the right is my ex-housemate whose newish pics I saw today. Remmie is part of the band for the chick in the middle, who is a singer and American Apparel model.

If you saw Remmie on the street, you might be tempted to judge, given his love of ink, piercings, and eye makeup. Yet he was one of the most mellow and easygoing housemates one could ever wish for. The kid picked up after himself, was courteous, responsibly held down a job while going to college, and was a total sweetheart, calling me "Auntie." I never saw him abuse drugs or booze, and being a vegetarian, he ate healthier than I. He didn't even leave dishes in the sink. When he threw himself a 21st birthday party, a ton of friends showed up at our house and celebrated through the wee hours. Remmie is a cool guy. But what I like most about him -- he isn't afraid to give real hugs. You know how a lot of people give those A-frame hugs, where they lean in shyly and only your shoulders touch and it's this quick little pat-pat on the back thing? I mean that's fine for formal situations or for people you can't stand who insist on hugging you. But some people even feel weird hugging their friends. Not this kid. He gives these giant, heartfelt bear hugs like it's the last time he is going to see you.

How can you not admire someone unafraid to give bear hugs? He actually inspired me to be a better hugger. Thanks, kid.

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