Monday, July 21, 2008

HBO's "Generation Kill" is killer good television

Although I loved Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket, I can't say that war flicks are my favorite genre. So when I first saw the ads for "Generation Kill" plastered on walls throughout Manhattan, I wasn't all pumped up about watching it.

Until I saw the first episode.

I have since watched it three times. It's that good. And so damn funny! The writing is phenomenal, and it's produced by "The Wire" creators David Simon and Ed Burns. "Generation Kill" follows the highly trained Marines of First Recon Battalion through the first 40 days of the Iraq War. One of the characters, a Rolling Stone reporter named Evan "Scribe" Wright, exists in real life and wrote the basis for the show when he actually did follow a recon Marine platoon around in 2003 and wrote a series of articles about it for the magazine. His piece, "The Killer Elite," is still available online at Rolling Stone's website here. And here's the official HBO website for the show.

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