Monday, November 10, 2008

Apple cider hilarity

I buy some apple cider and am drinking it at lunch in the crew mess area.

FIRST MATE: What kind of cider is that?

ME: It's this brand (turning the container so he can see the label).

FIRST MATE: Oh, well if you see Dickins Cider, that's really good.

ME: Dickins? I've never seen that one. The store only had this kind, but I'll look for Dickens the next time.

FIRST MATE: Yeah, Dickens Cider is the best one.

CHEFFIE: Another good one is Cummins.

FIRST MATE: Cummins Cider, that's a good too!

ME: Cummins, okay.

FIRST MATE and CHEFFIE burst out laughing.

ME: What's so damn funny?

FIRST MATE and CHEFFIE laugh even more.

ME: Oh shit, I just got it. I feel like Mo when Bart prank calls him at the bar. You guys suck.

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