Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blogging from the Gulf of Aden

There is a yachtie publication called Dockwalk whose readership is made up of captains and crew. In the online version, there are blogs, including one written by Captain Ivaylo Chividzhiyan who drives the below 133-meter yacht, Seabourn Spirit. In 2005, pirates attacked her with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. Thankfully the crew fought off the pirates by using acoustic sonic devices and by running one of the pirate boats over. Holy smoke! Guess they aren't taking any chances nowadays.

The captain wrote yesterday,
Hey Mates, Great adrenaline-high and adventurous events going on in the Gulf of Aden Passing with a respectful squad of 11 French heavy armed soldiers and an escorting Fregate. What an honour :) There is a Chopter as well, spying long-range ahead. Some ships transmit sporadically Pirate's May Day, then our French guys load their weapons and stand-by staring to the horizon - amazing experience, isn't it ? We are making our way through the Gulf towards Khasab and Dubai later. Godspeed!


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