Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Bush has "accomplished"

My friend Bob (whose wonderful political musings definitely warrant a blog) just emailed me a great essay about the Bush years. Here's an excerpt that really puts it into perspective. Too much perspective.

We will remember Bush for many things: When he took office, there was a $700 billion surplus, but next year’s budget will have a one-half trillion dollar deficit. The number of Americans without health insurance has increased by 7 million people under Bush. Bush’s tax cuts gave the top 1% of income earners an extra $1,000 more per week, while the lowest 20% of income earners receive $1.50 per week. The national debt is now approaching $10 trillion. Bush promised in 2000 to create 20 million jobs, but we have growing unemployment. He created a program called, “No Child Left Behind,” but he never provided the full funds that he promised. He ordered the SEC to back-off strict enforcement of regulations of the investment industry and now we are in the worst economic period since the Great Depression. Imagine if his plan to privatize Social Security had passed!

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