Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack and Michelle Obama on 60 Minutes

MICHELLE: [The northeast Washington D.C. apartment] reminded me of a little better version of the apartment you were in when we first started dating. That was a dump too.

BARACK: Right near Harold's Chicken Shack.


BARACK: Yeah. That's when I had the car with the-the hole in it.

MICHELLE: And you could see the sidewalk, because the rust had gone through.

BARACK: The air-conditioning.

MICHELLE: So that was my side. I would look and see the ground going past. And I still married him.

That's how I knew she loved me. It wasn't for my money.

Did you catch 60 Minutes last night? Our President-Elect and his First Lady are the cutest couple ever.

I still find it hard to believe that he's this cool and a politician.

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