Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I'm thankful for this year

I had a brief pity party for myself today as I moped about how I'm not able to be with my family tomorrow on Thanksgiving-- but then I realized how much I have to be thankful for.

Because tomorrow's holiday is actually about recognizing all the blessings that we have, I decided to take a few minutes and write down the things I am thankful for in 2008. They include, in no particular order:

  • grape Gatorade G2
  • really good headphones

  • girly DaKine backpacks
  • Barack Obama having won
  • people who say "please" and "thank you"
  • living in Manhattan
  • living on a boat
  • living at the ocean in a tropical climate
  • knowing how to set a beautiful table
  • working with an amazing chef who's taught me a lot about food
  • new yachtie friends I've made

  • dogs, how I love them
  • Rankin Bass Christmas specials

  • bands who pour their soul into it, even in shitty dive bars
  • generous, kind friends
  • cheap gyms
  • my reliable, fast, kickass bike
  • knowing how to make a good martini
  • Facebook
  • real books
  • writers
  • Halloween
  • my new Verizon wireless plug-in thingamajiggy
  • air-conditioning
  • public transportation
  • funny kids
  • good doctors (especially you, Patrick)
  • an iPod filled with lots of good music
  • my family

  • learning Basic Firefighting at the Fire Academy
  • "Generation Kill"
  • "True Blood"
  • The Daily Show
  • The Colbert Report
  • The Charlie Rose Show
  • sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches
  • getting back to Maui for vacation
  • learning how to stand-up paddle

  • Marines who are trying to kick the Taliban's ass in Afghanistan
  • people who read this blog.

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April said...

:) Thank you too!