Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jupiter Venus Conjuction

(pic from Sky and Telescope)

Tonight and tomorrow, check out the sky. Jupiter and Venus are conjunct within one degree of each other in Capricorn. In astronomy and astrology, a conjuction refers to when two planets are within two degrees or less from each other. And throw in the crescent moon for a nice photo op.

In the astrological sense, if planets were like people, Jupiter would be Santa Claus -- it's a feel-good, lucky jovial star. Venus is the planet of love. So their conjunction is good for romance, money and just feeling warm and fuzzy. Jupiter expands your vision and radiates positive vibes that tend to produce good luck and helps anything it is associated with, this time Venus, which rules love and money.

Here in southern Florida, where it has been completely beautiful, clear and perfect for stargazing for the past, oh, month -- this is today's weather. I took this video just now. Poo. Hopefully where you are, it's clear.

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