Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Bill Maher's Life After W."

Unfortunately, the interview with Bill Maher in the new (March 5) Rolling Stone by Sean Woods isn't online, because it's a good one. Here's an excerpt from page 36.

"The Republicans are geniuses at picking very small issues and making them giant issues. We've already seen it: Obama wants a more informal White House,
which has a lot of the conservatives enraged. In the Bush years, a jacket and a
tie were required to enter the Oval Office -- not to mention a strictly
enforced two-drink minimum. But Obama has said, 'We're gonna keep it a little
more laid-back,' and people are acting like he's going to cover the Oval Office
with black-light posters of Pam Grier, for God's sake. It's not like he's
showing up in cornrows with a neck tattoo. He's just taking his jacket off. And
by the way, you fucking clown posse, you may have forgotten, but when people are
working, that's what they do: They take their jacket off."

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