Monday, February 23, 2009

Mickey Rourke's speech at the Independent Spirit Awards

Last night on the red carpet, Mickey Rourke said "I'm going to clap my ass off" for Sean Penn if he won for his role as Harvey Milk. And it happened just like that. But Rourke's acceptance speech from Saturday night when he won Best Male Lead at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, well, you've never heard anything like this. How great it would have been to hear this kind of stuff at the Oscar ceremony. Damn, this guy is just too cool.


April said...

I laughed my ass of at this! The gap toothed girl is famous now! Ha! He is insanely awesome.

Memetician said...

He is awesome, and insane, or at least he seemed it when I knew him. He was 36 and I was 23, and the guy I was dating was one of his Harley buddies. Mickey was sex and danger all wrapped up in the most charismatic man I'd ever laid eyes on. He was way out of my league. That whole crowd, him Gary Busey, all those celeb bikers that rode together, they were all totally fucking nuts (in a good way, for the most part).