Friday, February 20, 2009

Go tanning, angry people of New England!

Yet another crazy anger-management story in the news this morning. This time, in a suburb of Boston, a guy was at a Dunkin Donuts waiting for his coffee. It was taking too long for his patience level so he left, but probably in a huff, letting the Dunkin Donuts guy know that he was pissed. The two got into an argument, and the Dunkin Donuts guy followed the customer out to his Jeep and in a show of over-the-top fuck-youness, slashed all four tires with a pocket knife.

I think I know why New England people (not to mention the crazy chimpanzee in Connecticut who ripped the face off his owner's friend) are flipping their pancakes. It's this brutal shitty weather!

When we don’t get enough exposure to sunlight our moods suffer. More specifically, serotonin levels, a hormone associated with elevating your mood, rise when you’re exposed to sunlight. Studies like this one show that exposure to UVA rays really does make you feel better. So if Old Man Winter is a little devil on your shoulder encouraging you to beat someone with a driver or slash their radials, perhaps you might want to look into a visit to your local tanning salon to warm up and chill the hell out.

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